Jonathan Toews Revealed He Had Chronic Immune Response Syndrome

Chicago Blackhawks center and captain Jonathan Toews missed all of last season with an undisclosed illness. Today, he revealed what that illness was. In a video shared on social media, Toews said he missed time due to Chronic Immune Response Syndrome. According the the Virginia Center for Health and Wellness "Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome... Continue Reading →

Flashback: Aaron Judge Got His Teeth Fixed

The New York Yankees are among the most popular sports franchises in the world. It isn't a surprise that all of their players are under some kind of microscope. Some of the things people are interested in are so strange. Example: Aaron Judge's Teeth. Aaron Judge came to the Yankees as a first round pick... Continue Reading →

Dugtrio: Pokémon Profile

Dugtrio is a Ground Type mole Pokémon introduced in the Generation I Red and Blue games for GameBoy. Dugtrio is a direct evolution from the basic Pokémon, Diglett. Dugtrio's form is basically three Digletts put together. It is essentially three "hot dog" shaped mole heads popping out of the ground, while Diglett is just one... Continue Reading →

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