Adam Silver Criticizes How ESPN Handled Rachel Nichols Drama

NBA Commissioner spoke at a press conference before game one of the NBA Finals and was asked about the Rachel Nichols-Maria Taylor Drama (more on that here). This is what he had to say about it:

“They require a very labor-intensive effort … creating a climate where people are comfortable saying what’s on their mind, where people are given the benefit of the doubt, especially long-term employees that are in good standing that when they do make comments that people recognize that people make mistakes — that careers shouldn’t be erased by a single comment. That we should be judging people by the larger context of their body of work and who they are and what we know about them.”

“It’s disheartening,” Silver said. “I think it’s particularly unfortunate that two women in the industry are pitted against each other. I know that both Rachel and Maria are terrific at what they do. They work extraordinarily hard.”

Adam Silver – Via Yahoo! Sports

Pretty interesting that he basically called ESPN out.

The Worldwide Leader in Woke (ESPN) is often hastily making decisions based on what ten Twitter users have to say on the situation.

Nichols has been with ESPN a long time and has been very good at her job. She didn’t do anything to lose her position as Finals host. Maria Taylor is also good at her job, but has been with the company for a much shorter period of time than Nichols. Taylor is more than capable of being the show’s host, but not at the expense of Nichols.

Rachel Nichols Interviews Adam Silver in 2020

Good for Adam Silver. He basically denounced the cancel culture that ESPN, and to some extent he and the NBA, have procured. Nichols’ comments weren’t the worst thing in the world and were held in a private conversation. The real issue is that someone recorded and leaked it for the world to hear.

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