Akil Baddoo is Showing Maturity Beyond His Years

Detroit Tigers rookie outfielder Akil Baddoo has been a steady presence in the Tigers lineup for much of the season.

Akil Baddoo was born in Maryland and graduated high school in Georgia. The Minnesota Twins selected Baddoo 74th overall in the 2016 MLB Draft and gave him a $750,000 signing bonus out of high school.

Baddoo came on to the seen with a literal bang, homering on the first pitch he faced in the big leagues. He saw some rookie struggles as well, striking out 29 times with only 2 walks during the 20 game he played in during the first month of the season. Struggles were expected for Baddoo, however. He was a rule five selection from the Twins by the Tigers and has to remain on the major league roster for the entire year if the Tigers want to keep him long term. Baddoo had only played in A ball in the minors and hadn’t played a professional game since 2019 due to the lockdowns. There weren’t many high expectations for the young man.

Akil Baddoo Shows Patience at the Plate

Akil Baddoo has proven that he has the maturity of a veteran player and has handled the big league level very well.

While Baddoo struck out 29 time in his first 20 games, he has cut back on that considerably since. In 34 games in May and June, Baddoo has walked 21 times while cutting down to 23 strikeouts in that time frame. This shows tremendous discipline and coach-ability from the young 22 year-old outfielder.

Overall on the year, Baddoo is hitting .266 with a relatively robust .363/.493/.853 slash line.

Baddoo has not hit a home run since May, but his patience at the plate is something that can allow him to be a productive member of the lineup, even if he finds himself in a power slump.

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