Best Bets for College Football Week September 18, 2021. Use FanDuel Promo Code to Earn $100.

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Coastal Carolina (-13.5) at Buffalo

At this point, I think Coastal will beat up on any team. The fact that they are favored by two touchdowns is easy pickin’s.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Indiana

Cincinnati wants to prove that they belong. They will have to beat down on Indiana if they want to remain in the top ten when playoff talk seriously ramps up.

Alabama (-650) at Florida

Florida doesn’t stand a chance.

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Georgia Tech @ Clemson (-6000)

The easiest $0.06 you’ll ever make.

Tulsa at Ohio State (-24.5)

After losing to Oregon, Ohio State is going to have something to prove. If they don’t prove it, well then I guess I’ll lose this bet…

Fresno State (+11.5) at UCLA

I think Fresno State actually has a pretty good team. I think they can hang in there with UCLA. Could it be an upset in the Coliseum?

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