#BoycottNiantic is Trending on Twitter as Pokémon Go Players are Displeased With the Game’s Developer

Pokémon Go has been a popular phone app for over five years now.

The game’s developer, Niantic, however is not as popular.

When lockdowns began last year, Niantic changed a setting on Pokémon Go so that users could access Pokéstops from greater distances to promote social distancing. Recently, Niantic changed this setting despite the growing number of COVID cases around the world.

Needless to say, people are not pleased and many users are looking to boycott the company and not spend any money while playing the game.

It even got #BoycottNiantic trending on Twitter. Here are some of the angry patrons:

Will this change anything? I think it might eventually. The company can’t be that tone deaf can they? Well, maybe they can. We will see.