California is Outlawing Bacon! (Kind of. Not Really.)

In a shocking turn of events, the State of California is outlawing the most beloved food in the world;


Well, kind of but not exactly.

The State of California recently announced that at the beginning of next year they will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition that requires animals and livestock more room to roam and breed within their containment areas. By this new standard, only 4% of pig operations comply with these guidelines.

This means less bacon.

Well at least the animals are treated nicely as they are bred to be slaughtered and eaten.

California apparently consumes 15% of the nation’s pork production, making it a huge contributor in the marketplace. If farms can’t react to these new regulations it could mean decreased pork supply and higher prices for the rest of us.

That’s how this whole economy thing works.

Once again, California is taking something that we as Americans love, and is ruining it for the rest of us.

Thanks, California.

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