Carson Wentz Should Just Retire

Last week, Colts quarterback Carson Wentz broke his foot in the first week of training camp with his new team. The injury occurred during non-contact practice.

After mulling it over for a few days, Wentz will now go forward with surgery on the broken foot. This could keep him out for 5-12 weeks, according to reports.

This is Wentz’s sixth season in the league and will (likely) be the fourth season he has missed games due to injury. Last year he was benched due to inconsistency.

Wentz suffered an injury late in the 2017 campaign. Had he been healthy all year, he would have likely been the league MVP. Wentz also had to leave the 2019 playoff game because of an injury. The Eagles lost that game.

Wentz was traded from the Eagles to the Colts this offseason. One of the draft picks was a conditional 2nd round pick that would become a 1st round pick based on playing time. Wentz may not reach the playing time threshold because of the surgery.

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