Is CFI’s FMVA Certification Worth Getting?

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is an online educational platform for finance professionals. They offer many course; some free and some paid. The institute is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is staffed by many high level financial professionals. There are many paid certifications that one can acquire to help them advance their careers, including... Continue Reading →

The Dow closes at -2.09% today

The Dow 30 industrial average closed lower today. About 725 points lower to be more precise. Experts suggest that the fall is due to the ongoing concerns with inflation (talk that has been going on for months now) and the increase in COVID cases worldwide. At the time of this writing, the Dow sits at... Continue Reading →

The Correct Way to Tip a Waiter

A controversial topic in American society is why, or how much, is the correct way to tip a waiter?  The consensus seems to be that anywhere between 12-20% of the total price of the bill is the amount that the waiter should earn as a tip.   This is not correct.  Why should the waiter/waitress earn... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin is Down Nearly $10,000 this Week

To date, Bitcoin has dropped over $8,000 since last Monday. The cryptocurrency is currently sitting around $32,000. The drop is likely due to the Federal Reserve expectance of economic inflation and tighter Chinese regulation for crypto-mining.

Stocks Open Higher Despite Inflation Fears

Last Friday, most stock indexes took a tumble due to rising interest rates and the fear of US inflation. Today, both the DOW30 and the S&P500 opened higher, rising about a percentage point each. Last week's dip of about 3% was the largest decrease since October of last year. Today's rise shows some optimism that... Continue Reading →

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