How Many Months is 135 Days?

People often ask (do they, though?), how many months is 135 days? Well, let's try to find out together! The tricky thing is that months vary in the number of days they have. They can have 28 (29 on a leap year), 30, or 31. I think the best way to do it, is start... Continue Reading →

Holland Hospital drops Kirk Cousins sponsorship because he’s an anti-vaxxer

Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins, has long been a paid spokesperson for his hometown hospital, Holland Hospital, in Holland, MI. Holland Hospital is an independently owned hospital that serves the metro-Holland area and its 100,000+ residents. The hospital has officially cut ties with Cousins due to his stance against the COVID vaccine. Holland Hospital released... Continue Reading →

What is Going On at the Barstool Sports Summer Hockeyfest?

The Barstool Sports Summer Hockeyfest, presented by Barstool, Spittin' Chiclets, Pink Whitney, and Mattress firm is going on today in downtown Detroit. What is going on there today? We will provide updates with some tweets and photos from the event: And more...

Is Stephen A. Smith Racist?

On today’s edition of ESPN’s shitty show, First Take, Stephen A. Smith made some comments that are certainly controversial in today’s day and age: "The fact that you got a foreign player that doesn't speak English, believe it or not, I think contributes to harming the game to some degree, when that's your box office... Continue Reading →

What did Rachel Nichols Say?

Rachel Nichols has been in the news today due to comments she made last year that were recently leaked. Nichols went on her show, The Jump, on ESPN today to apologize for the comments. But what were the comments she made? The leaked audio, which was Nichols speaking to Adam Mendelsohn seeking advice for her... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean to be a Barstool Athlete?

The NCAA made waves on July 1st by instituting a new NIL (name, image, and likeness) policy. This policy introduces the ability for NCAA athletes of all sports and levels to finally cash in on endorsements and other earning potentials. The NCAA has long maintained the stance that the college athletes were amateurs, and could... Continue Reading →

#TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica is trending on Twitter and this obviously upsets people

The hashtag #Trump2024tosaveamerica is currently trending on Twitter. This, of course, is upsetting some and exciting others. That's US politics for ya. 50/50 split. Here are some of the dumbest tweets: There are some very dumb people on both sides. Get over it.

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