Did GameStop Just Leak the New Nintendo Switch?

GameStop recently sent out an add and it has the internet in a mini-frenzy. The ad states that you can earn an extra $50 credit when you trade in a “New Nintendo Switch”. This is in addition to other systems such as the Xbox Series X.

Now does this mean something? Does it mean nothing? Are we overreacting to nothing?

I personally believe it is an overreaction. It says “New Nintendo Switch”. I take this as bring in a new system and you will receive a $50 credit.

We expect the new improved Switch system to be the Switch Pro, not named the “New Nintendo Switch”. This isn’t too crazy, as Nintendo has named things like this before with New Super Mario Bros. and other games of the sort.

The Switch Pro, or whatever it is going to be called, has not yet been given an official release date by Nintendo. In fact, the company has not even officially confirmed that there will be an updated switch. This updated system is expected to play all of the games that the current console can, but it will be more powerful and have better graphic capabilities. This is to compete with Xbox and PS5’s latests consoles.

Whatever this system is to be called or whatever its actual capabilities remains to be seen. I would not be shocked to see an official announcement from Nintendo before the end of summer though.

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