EA has made a deal with Simulmedia. Could this mean in-game advertising?

According to Axios, Electronic Arts (EA) has made a deal with Simulmedia. Simulmedia has been testing placing ads in console games for about a year, according to the report. These ads are the typical commercial advertisements that you see on TV. With the decline in TV watching and increase in streaming, especially amongst younger audiences, brands are looking for new ways to advertise to consumers.

IGN is speculation that this could mean in game commercials for sports games such as Madden and FIFA. What is everyone’s favorite part of watching a live game? The commercials! Why not add these obnoxious ads to the watered down Madden Franchise? Brilliant!

EA’s Madden games have been on a steady decline since 2005. The sales, however, have not. EA has no incentive to make a good game because of their exclusive rights deal with the NFL to use their teams and player’s likenesses. Now throw in the forced advertisements down the gamers throats and you have an unplayable game.

Madden 06. The last good Madden game (Not including the XBOX 360 version)

Great business move. Terrible user experience.

I have already decided I will no longer be purchasing Madden annually, as it has taken a huge tumble in gameplay for me. I understand it is a video game, but as a real football fan this game is not anywhere close to the game it is supposed to emulate.

EA does a great job pulling in money, as they should. But for me personally, I don’t find any enjoyment in any of their games anymore.

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