Flashback: Aaron Judge Got His Teeth Fixed

The New York Yankees are among the most popular sports franchises in the world. It isn’t a surprise that all of their players are under some kind of microscope. Some of the things people are interested in are so strange. Example: Aaron Judge’s Teeth.

Aaron Judge came to the Yankees as a first round pick in 2013. The 6’7″ 282 pound outfielder made his debut in 2016 and took the league by storm in 2017, hitting 52 home runs winning Rookie of the Year and finishing second in MVP voting.

With all of the success on the field, there was one thing that the trolls on social media focused their criticism on; the gap in his teeth.

Judge showed up to spring training in 2021 with a new smile.

If that was something that was bugging Judge, then good for him for fixing it. He had every right to do that if that’s what he wanted to do. Judge is having another good year. Through 74 games, he has 17 home runs, a .897 OPS, good for 2.6 wins above replacement.

Maybe now we can stop focusing on Aaron Judge Teeth.

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