Heracross: Pokémon Profile

Heracross is a beetle-like bug and fighting type Pokémon that was introduced in the Gen II games Gold and Silver. It can be found throughout the Hoenn region by head-butting trees. There is a 50% chance of encountering a male and 50% shot of encountering a female. The males have a cross shaped horn, while the female has a rounded horn shaped more like a heart.

Being a bug and fighting type Pokémon, the majority of the moves that Heracross can learn are physical attacks that incorporate its horn. These are moves such as Horn Attack and Megahorn. It is weak against flying, psychic, fire, and fairy type moves while it is resistant to fighting, bug, ground, grass, and dark type attacks.

Ash catches a Heracross in the Pokémon: Johto TV show.

Heracross Pokémon Card

There are various forms of Heracross Pokémon cards. It can show up in two types, grass or fighting, depending on the series.

Grass Type Card

Fighting Type Card


Heracross does not evolve, however you can Mega-Evolve into MegaHeracross using a Heraconite beginning in Gen IV games Pokémon X and Y.


MegaHeracross has bigger forearms and a longer singular horn coming out of the top of its head.

Overall, this is a pretty strong Pokémon. While it may not level up as quickly as some other Pokémon, it is still strong. It is rare to find a strong bug type Pokémon, which is very handy when battling Psychic types, as it is one of the few weakness of that type.

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