Here Are Some of the Different Meanings for Pokemon Nite

Pokemon Nite is actually among the most searched Pokémon terms on Google, with nearly 100,000 global searches per month (via What exactly does it mean? That is not necessarily clear, but here are a few possible explanations.


The first possible explanation comes from the Pokémon Adventures Manga. In the Black and White series, one of the main characters, Black, receives a Tepig as their starting Pokémon that he names “Tep”. When Tep evolves to Pignite, Black calls it “Nite”.


This would be a pretty strong reason for Pokemon Nite to be so highly searched. The Pokémon Adventures series has sold over 150 million copies worldwide over the course of its 52 volumes.

Pokemon Spectrum Character – Nite


There is actually a fan created game called Pokémon SPECTRUM that has a character named “Nite”. Nite is the main character’s rival. The game is set in the Kroma region, which is based on Australia.

Other Meanings

There can be other meanings out there for the phrase as well.

Is it people looking for Pokémon that only appear at night? Beginning in the Generation II games, certain Pokémon would only appear at certain times of day. Some would only show up at night. So it is very possible that people are interested in finding out what they can catch in the dark hours of the night.

Pokémon Night Lights on Amazon also come up in this search.

These are pretty cool looking. They are 3D night lights in the shape of Pokémon. I have seen Pikachu, Charizard, and Squirtle featured on various available lights.

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