Hidden Depths is the worst deck in the Pokemon TCG

The online version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game gives you three starter decks in the Trainer Challenge. There is the fire based Born of Fire, electric based Crushing Current, and the water based Hidden Depths.

Hidden Depths is by far the worst.

This deck is based on water type Pokemon. Now water types are fine. Unfortunately, the ones in this deck are not.

The 24 Pokemon the deck starts with are (number of Pokemon in deck in parentheses):

-(3) Porygon, best attack does 20 damage.

-(4) Eevee, best attack does 30 damage, with a tails coin flip it does nothing. however.

-(4) Magikarp, need I say more?

-(2) Psyduck, only attack does 20 damage.

-(2) Doduo, best attack does 10 damage x number of heads, two coin flips.

-(3) Goldeen, best attack does 20 damage.

-(2) Seaking, best attack does 40 damage, but 10 to itself.

As you can see, there really isn’t much to be excited about in the Hidden Depths deck. There isn’t a single attack that does more than 40 damage, and even that requires an evolution and doing 10 damage to your own Pokemon.

Now if you can manage to win enough Trainer Challenge battles with this deck, you can earn a Lapras and Arictuno. Yippee. Even those two leave much to be desired. If you don’t buy a deck to do the Trainer Challenge, you may be stuck with pitiful deck.

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