How Bowser would evolve if he was a Pokémon

People are always asking (they aren’t) “What would the evolution chain look like for Bowser if he was a Pokémon”.

Well, I’m glad you asked! (You didn’t)

I have come up with the perfect scenario for how a simple Koopa Troopa would evolve into the Koopa King himself.

Koopa to Bowser Jr. to Bowser!

The basic form would be a simple Koopa. It would just be a normal-type and have very little in terms of stats or power.

It would then evolve into Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. would become a fire type and offer much more value than the basic Koopa, as most evolutions imply. I went back and forth between including Bowser Jr. and a Hammer Bro, but figured the younger Bowser made more sense here.

Bowser Jr. would then evolve into Bowser. He would be a fire and dragon type and offer all kinds of powerful move combinations.

Bowser would easily be one of the strongest Pokémon available and would make any team better instantly.

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