Is CFI’s FMVA Certification Worth Getting?

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is an online educational platform for finance professionals. They offer many course; some free and some paid. The institute is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is staffed by many high level financial professionals. There are many paid certifications that one can acquire to help them advance their careers, including the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification. That begs the question: is the FMVA worth getting?

Is FMVA Worth It?

The FMVA certification has many benefits to it. It is 100% online, it is done entirely at the pace of the student, and it is gaining worldwide recognition from financial institutions.

The courses that make up the requirements for the certification include in-depth learning opportunities in finance, accounting, Excel, financial modeling, valuation, budgeting, and forecasting. There are even high level course that teach about presenting the information gained through analysis with PowerPoint.

Obtaining the FMVA certification can open many doors for those that choose to pursue it. The high level knowledge gained from the programs courses can lead to careers in private equity, corporate development, equity research, investment banking, and financial planning & analysis.

The certification does take some time to get, however. CFI estimates that it will take you over 100 hours to complete. The average completion time is around six months for most students.

The FMVA is not free, but it is fairly affordable. The standard sign up is $497 while the full-imerrersion package is $847.

CFI states that the average salary of FMVAs is $121,000. This makes it a relatively low cost option to advance your career.

If you have time to work on the course work and are interested in gaining new knowledge and advancing your career, I would then say yes, the FMVA certification is worth it.

You can click the link here to sign up anytime!

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