Knight of Time

Who is the Knight of Time? Is it someone that travels through time? Or one that controls time? Or maybe just someone that is always on time?

Apparently the Knight of Time is from a web comic, Homestuck. All of the comics are made in Microsoft Paint and use basic images as well as GIFs.

The knights use their title as their weapon, so this knight uses time as his weapon. How does this work? Time is all about time, endings, accepting death, and inevitability. Therefore, the Knight of Time would exploit time to serve their needs, and use endings to fight with.

This could include traveling through time, calling alternate selves, and manipulating the past, present, and future. They could exploit different endings to find the most desirable outcome. This is certainly useful, as they can repeat battles until they win.

They could foresee enemy’s attacks, essentially becoming unbeatable.

Some of the other classes available are Bard, Heir, Lord, Mage, Maid, Muse, Page, Prince, Rogue. There is also Seer, Sylph, Thief, and Witch.

Pretty interesting stuff. Andrew Hussie is the creator of Homestuck and all this. He has essentially created a little world inside a world. There a lot of fans of Homestuck and there have even been games created and fans that do cos-play and the sort.

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