Marowak: Pokémon Profile

Marowak is a Ground-Type “Bone Keeper Pokémon“. It is introduced in the Generation I Red and Blue Version Games. It plays a critical role in the Lavender Town Pokémon Tower story arc of the games. A young Cubone has lost its mother. With the help of the Silph Scope, the player can see that the ghost at the top of Pokémon Tower is actually the Cubone’s mother; a Marowak.

The Pokémon Marowak has a skull either as its head, or on top of its head, hiding its true identity. It also is holding a bone that it uses as a weapon. The Pokémon’s name is based off of the word “marrow” which is what gives bones their strength, essentially. The suffix “wak” is similar to wack or hit, showing the Pokémon’s physical strength.

Being Ground-Type, it is weak to Water, Grass, and Ice-Type moves. It is resistant to Electric, Poison, and Rock-Type Moves. It can learn moves such as Bonemerang and Bone Club, as it uses its bone in hand as a weapon.

Alolan Marowak

Marowak also has an Alolan form. This form, rather than being Ground-Type, is actually a Fire and Ghost-Type Pokémon.

This form can learn different moves than the Ground-Type version. It is capable of Fire moves such as Flame Wheel and Will-O-Wisp and Ghost moves such as Shadow Bone.

Pokémon Cards

Having two distinct forms, there are multiple types of Marowak cards. The general bases of the two are a Fire Alolan type and the typical Rock/Fighting- Type.

Fighting Based Card
Fire Based Card

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