Sports Says The Detroit Tigers Had The 2nd Best Draft Haul

Many Tigers fans were critical of the team after Al Avila passed on high school shortstop Marcelo Mayer. Mayer was typically ranked as the best player in the draft and fell to #4 to the Boston Red Sox.

Despite the fans disdain, and writer Jim Callis were actually very high on the Tigers draft. Callis ranked the top draft hauls for this year and the Tigers came in second on his list.

He cites that Detroit was the only team to nab two top ten prospects in the draft in Jackson Jobe and Ty Madden. He also applauded the fact that the team acquired numerous college arms with good stuff.

Obviously, this is a very hard thing to track, as most of these players are at best 3-5 years away from the big leagues, if at all. It is just more evidence that the fans should have some patience with what the Tigers are building.