Nidorino: Pokémon Profile

Nidorino is a Pokémon introduced in the Gen I games Red and Blue version. The Pokémon can even be seen in the opening scene of the games and Anime battling a Gengar, making it one of the first Pokémon the players and viewers are introduced to.

Nidorino Vs. Gengar

A poison-type Pokémon, Nidorino has a purple/pink body with spikes on its back and a horn which is said to be harder than diamond on its head. It is classified as a “Poison Pin” Pokémon in the Pokédex. It seems to be a combination of a few animals including a rabbit and rhino. The average size is 2’11” and 43 pounds.

Many of Nidorino’s moves are physical attacks and are related to its horn and poison abilities. It can learn attacks such as Poison Sting, Horn Attack, and Double Kick. It is weak to ground and psychic type moves, while having resistance to poison, fighting, bug, grass, and fairy type moves.

Pokémon Cards

The first set of cards featured were grass type. The later version in other series had the Pokémon as a psychic type card, playing off of its poison abilities.

How to Evolve Nidorino

Nidorino is a member of the Nidoran family. There are male and female Nidoran. All Nidorino are male and evolve at level 16 from the male Nidoran.

When given a Moon Stone, Nidoran evolves into the ferocious Nidoking. Nidoking can be very powerful and is even featured as one of the Pokémon used by Team Rocket leader and final gym leader, Giovanni, in the Gen I games.

Overall, Nidorino is a very cool Pokémon. They are not necessarily the strongest in the video games, but they are among the coolest looking and can be tough to beat, as they are not weak against many “mainstream” types, such as water or fire.

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