Review: The Pink Whitney by New Amsterdam Vodka is a Beauty

Ryan Whitney of the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast is such a legend that he was able to get an alcohol named after him. The Pink Whitney.

Barstool Sports and the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast have been sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka for quite some time and the groups have partnered to release a pink lemonade flavored vodka called the “Pink Whitney” in honor of Ryan Whitney’s signature drink.

I was finally able to track down a couple of bottles after days of searching. The vodka was officially released September 1st, although it was released early in some spots.

Finally found the #PinkWhitney in Michigan! #Notabigdeal @spittinchiclets@NewAmsterdam @ryanwhitney6 @BizNasty2point0 @RearAdBsBlog@MikeGrinnell_— Nik (@NikPSE) September 5, 2019

New Amsterdam is my vodka of choice, but I typically drink it with tonic and lime. Flavored vodka really hasn’t been my cup of tea for a while (thanks, college), but I definitely had to give this a chance as it paired my favorite vodka with my favorite hockey podcast.

I poured a glass on the rocks and sipped it slowly and enjoyed it the heck out of it. Holy cow is this good. I could see this being very dangerous as it is a 60 proof (30% alcohol) drink.

It is incredibly smooth and tasty. I enjoyed it straight up, but I could absolutely see it being great mixed with any kind of juice or Sprite or something. 

Overall I would give it a 69 out of something. I don’t know. I’ve never rated alcohol before and people think 69 is funny, so we’ll go with that. I’ve been drinking the Pink Whitney as I type. Did I mention it was dangerous?

I think we have a new drink for the football and hockey season. Cheers to the folks at Barstool and New Amsterdam.

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