The Blissey V Card is Nearly Unbeatable – Chilling Reign

The new Chilling Reign series in the Pokémon Trading Card Game has plenty of strong Pokémon. The Blissey V card is among one of the toughest to beat.

Blissey V Pokémon Card

Blissey V Card

This card only needs one energy of any kind to begin its attack sequence. The “Blissful Blast” attack has a base attack of 10 and then does 30 more damage for each additional energy card attached. The trainer can keep adding energy to it every turn to snowball the damage it does. If you use a Twin or Double Energy card, you can start doing major damage in no time.

Another great perk of this attack is that you can attach up to three energy cards from your discard pile, directly onto your Blissey V card, assuming the Blissful Blast attack damaged your opponents Pokémon. If you play this card after two or three of your other Pokémon have been defeated, you can continue adding a significant amount of energy every turn.

It also has the “Natural Cure” ability that cures Blissey of any special condition that it may have been inflicted with.

It also has 250 HP, making it one of the most defensive Basic Pokémon you can employ. This will give you plenty of time to continue building a good group of energy cards to build your attacks strength.

Overall, you will have trouble beating this card if you don’t have an attack that can potentially wipe it out in one or two turns. Once this Blissey V card has five or more energy cards attached to it, it is hard to beat. If you can get your hands on one, it is definitely a fit in any type of deck, as it does not need a specific type of energy to be successful.

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