The Entei Pokémon Card (47/214) is a Very Useful Pokémon Card

Entei is one of the “legendary dog” Pokémon, joining Suicine and Raikou. They were first introduced in the second generation of games, Silver and Gold. Entei even had a movie based off of it, Pokémon 3: The Movie. If you saw the movie in theaters, you received a Promo Card. This card was fine, but the more modern Entei Pokémon Card is more useful in battle today.

The Entei Pokémon Card (47/214) is a featured card in the Blazing Volcano deck in the Sun and Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card game.

This card is very handy as it only needs two energy for its first attack and three energy for its more powerful move.

Entei (47/214) Pokémon Card

Fire Fang is its first move. It does 20 damage and leaves the opponent burned. The second attack is Eruption. This does 80 base damage. Each player must discard the top card from their deck. For each energy card discarded, the attack does 60 more damage. This allows for a max of 200 damage to your opponents Pokémon.

Being a basic Pokémon is also key, as you don’t have to wait for an evolutionary card. This card is a must have for any deck that features enough fire energy cards to produce its more powerful attack.

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