The NHL is Hiring Some Kid (Josh Richards) to Grow the Game of Hockey

The NHL announced today that they are hiring 19 year old Josh Richards to act as a special league advisor to act as the “voice of the fans”.

Richards has over 40 million followers across all social media platforms and the hope is that he can engage a younger audience. New fans is not a bad thing for the NHL, who signed a deal with ESPN this year to have more games broadcasted nationally.

July 1st will be Richard’s first day on the job and he will reportedly have a one on one conversation with commissioner Gary Bettman that will be streamed on all NHL social platforms.

If you don’t know who this guy is (I certainly don’t), then this move isn’t really targeted for you. The NHL will be able to highlight their brand to all of his social media followers, which is obviously their intention with this deal.

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