The Tauros Pokemon Card (100/146) is Sneaky Good

Tauros Pokemon Card (100/146 XY Set)

The Tauros 100/146 Pokemon Card is a very handy card for any deck.

Tauros Pokémon Card 100/146

This particular Tauros Pokémon Card is from the X/Y set and has 110 HP and has two attacks;First is Take Down, which only needs one energy card, any kind. This attack does 30 damage points while also causing 10 damage to Tauros. This can actually be a good thing and we will get to that with the next move. Seething Anger is the other move that this particular Tauros Card has. This move requires 3 energy cards of any kind and is a coin flip move. For every damage counter on the Tauros, you flip a coin. The attack does 30 damage for every heads you flip. This is why the 10 damage recoil from the Take Down move is fine.

Because this Tauros Pokemon Card has 110 HP, it can take a bit of a beating. As a result of this, you can flip up to ten coins (if you have taken on 100 damage) and deal up to 300 damage points (if you are lucky enough to flip ten heads in a row: Which carries the odds of 1/1024)

Since Tauros is a basic Pokémon, you don’t need to worry about any evolution cards and you can play Tauros immediately.


Tauros is one of the original 150 Pokémon from the Generation I games, Red and Blue Version for GameBoy.

The Pokemon Tauros is a normal type Pokémon and was found in the Safari Zone in Red and Blue. All Tauros are male Pokémon.

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