Use FanDuel Promo Code to Earn $100. Best Bets for June 22nd, 2021

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Montreal Canadiens (+1.5) -145

Montreal has exceeded expectations this series. Most of the games have been close and overtime is definitely in play here. If the game goes to overtime, +1.5 automatically hits and thats what I expect here. Another close game so take the goal and a half with Montreal.

Los Angeles Clippers (+6.5) -112

6.5 point is a lot to give the Clippers in the playoffs. This line could change, but I think the Clippers can keep it close with the Suns, if they don’t beat them outright.

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Atlanta Hawks (+7.5) -110

Another large spread. Atlanta has obviously played tough so far throughout the playoff. The Bucks looked vulnerable against the half strength Nets. Look for another close one.

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