V-Union Pokemon Cards Revealed. Are They Too Strong?

pokebeach.com has revealed that a new type of card(s) will be added to the Pokémon Trading Card Game as soon as this summer. They are called V-Union Pokemon Cards.

The V-Union Pokemon Cards will be incredibly powerful Pokémon that if activated can wreak havoc on opponents.

You will have to have all four of the V-Union Cards to activate this very strong Pokémon.

The three leaked V-Union Pokemon are Mewtwo, Greninja, and Zacian.

Apparently how it works is all four of the V-Union Cards (of one type of Pokemon) must be played from the discard pile to the bench. If it sounds confusing and convoluted, that is because it is.

Each of these three Pokemon will have over 300 HP and have attacks that do mondo damage. Zacian has a move that does 340 and Mewtwo has an attack that does 300 damage. If activated, these V-Union Cards will be tough to beat. The Prize for defeating a V-Union Card is three prize cards. So if you can manage to beat one, you are well on your way to victory.

In my opinion, having these Mega Pokemon is not great for the game (it’s great for the business, however) as it removes a lot of the strategy that I enjoy about Pokémon in general.

We will see what types of decks these cards will be allowed in. I assume that they would be allowed in tournament type play.

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