What Does it Mean to be a Barstool Athlete?

The NCAA made waves on July 1st by instituting a new NIL (name, image, and likeness) policy. This policy introduces the ability for NCAA athletes of all sports and levels to finally cash in on endorsements and other earning potentials. The NCAA has long maintained the stance that the college athletes were amateurs, and could not accept any money or gifts from anyone due to their standing as an athlete. The former rule was so strict, that athletes couldn’t even participate in things such as fantasy football leagues, even if there was not a monetary prize attached to it. Barstool Sports has entered the NIL world by creating Barstool Athlete, or Barstool Athletics.

The Barstool Athlete Program

The Barstool Athlete program is meant to be a platform open to just about any collegiate athlete so that the athlete to build their brand.

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Barstool isn’t setting firm guidelines for its athletes. Barstool founder, Dave Portnoy, said in a message posted on social media they are essentially taking anyone that signs up. “Listen, how do you become a Barstool Athlete? If you play Division I sports and you blink at me, we will sign you.”

There is more than just blinking however. You do need to sign up using the correct site (found here).

At the time of the video, Portnoy said that they have already received over 75,000 requests to join and that there was a dedicated group of staff sorting through the applicants.

The @stoolathletics page on Twitter has been welcoming all of the new Barstool Athlete’s to their team. As of the time of this writing, the account already had over 31,000 followers in about five days.

So what does this mean for the athlete’s exactly? That hasn’t been made entirely clear. As there could be thousands of Barstool Athletes, it could be more of a chance for Barstool Sports to extend their brand by having the athletes pumping out the Barstool name. It is not yet clear if the athletes how or if the athletes will be compensated financially or what exactly they will have to do.

My best guess is the athlete will receive some Barstool merch (the application asks for the applicants shirt size) and will receive an occasional shoutout from the Barstool Athletics account that can allow the athlete to extend their following. Overall a win-win for both parties, even if it is ever so slight of a win.

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