What was revealed at Pokémon Presents 8/18/2021?

Pokémon Presents was at 9am EST on 8/18/2021. Here is what was announced:

Pokémon Unite

Pre-registration for mobile release has begun.

Unite liscense is available for players already playing on switch

New Pokémon in the Game:



Pokémon Café Mix

Getting a huge revamp. Will now be called Pokémon Café ReMix in fall 2021.

New Puzzles with new elements and icons.

Plenty of new Pokémon and new outfits.

Pokémon EX

Dynamaxing is now available in new legendary event.

100 free sync pairs.

3 new legendary events to get 3 new legendary Pokémon.

New story arc with villianous organizations such as Team Rocket.

Pokémon Go

August 20th 2021- Pokémon from Galar region will appear (Sword and Shield games for switch)

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Enhanced graphics.

A new video of gameplay was shown and released.

You can put stickers on Pokéballs

Battle in the Union Room

Change your trainer’s style and buy new clothes and accessories.

Pokémon Super Contests allow you to show off your Pokémon and their skills.

Explore Sinoh’s grand underground and introducing Pokémon hideaways underground.

Defeat the evil Team Galactic.

New Nintendo Switch featuring Dialaga and Palkia on November 5th, 2021

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

New video showing more gameplay. The premise is that you are doing survey work trying to learn more about Pokémon, as humans and Pokémon have yet to live intertwined at the time of this game.

The game takes place in a new region; the Hisui Region.

There will be familiar Pokémon with Hisuian forms, including Growlithe and Braviary.

Battle and catch wild Pokémon. You will need to hide in tall grass to catch some Pokémon. Throwing a Pokéball that contains one of your Pokémon near a wild one will engage a battle.

Buy and craft items.

The Game will be available January 28th, 2022

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