Will Vlad Guerrero Jr. Finish with more home runs than his dad?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is one of baseball’s brightest young stars. He made that clear when he hit a mammoth home run and won the MVP of the 2021 MLB All Star Game.

Halfway through his age 22 season, Vlad Jr. has hit 52 home runs in his career. His father hit 449 home runs in his 16 year big league career with only 12 in his limited time up to his age 22 season.

It is fair to ask, will Jr. Surpass Sr.?

It is certainly possibly. Vlad Jr.’s 162 game average is 31 home runs. If he maintains a pace like that for 16 seasons, he should beat his father and will be knocking on the door to 500, with about 496.

Obviously it is early in his career, but health permitting, it wouldn’t be a surprise for Jr. to hit well over 500 career home runs as he already has a great head start early in his career.

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