Would you pay $1.5 Million for Super Mario 64?

Super Mario 64 was released with the launch of the Nintendo 64 in 1996. It is among the most popular games ever and has been re-released numerous times, including last year.

Everyone had Mario for the N64.

So why did someone pay $1,560,000 for a copy of it yesterday?

A buyer actually paid that much money to obtain an unopened original copy of the game at an auction. This is two days after someone paid over $800,000 for an original copy of The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

So let me pose this question: Assuming you were a billionaire, would you pay this much money for a game that you would never play?

I don’t think I would. I probably spent hundreds of hours playing Mario 64 as a kid (and adult, who am I kidding) and have a lot of memories from it. That being said, I see no reason to buy a collector’s item that is just going to collect dust on a mantle someplace.

People do it, though. $1.5 million + is the new record to beat now as the highest sale of a video game in history now.

What game would beat that? Tough to say, but it will happen at some point.

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