Yahoo Finance Recent Quotes – Create list and view stocks

Yahoo Finance is a very useful tool in the stock trading and investing world. On the site you are able to create lists with the Yahoo Finance Recent Quotes tool. This tool allows you to pick stocks that you want to watch and evaluate.

Yahoo Finance Recent Quotes

On this page you can organize all of your stocks in one place. All you have to do is make sure you are signed into your Yahoo account. Once you are there you can go to the finance page and begin adding stocks that you would like to keep an eye on.

On this page you can view the dollar change, percent change, and volume traded. You can also see the day’s highs and lows and the 52-week range.

This is a very useful tool, as it allows you to keep all of the stocks you have an eye on in one place. Doing so, you can research the stocks you are interested in buying before you buy them. This is of course always a good idea.

Yahoo Finance is one of the most popular email hosts. Many people already have a Yahoo Email account, making Yahoo a natural choice for their finance research.

Being able to see all of your recent quotes in one spot is essential to effective stock trading.

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