Yankee Fan Escorted From Game After Throwing Ball At Alex Verdugo UPDATE: Fan Banned For Life

In last nights rain-shortened six inning contest between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, things got heated between the Red Sox players and Yankee fans.

After Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo threw a ball to a young fan in the stands, some weirdo Yankee fan decided it would be a good idea to throw it back at him.

Things escalated as Verdugo started engaging verbally with the scumbag fan.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora pulled his team off the field to avoid any further retaliation.

The guy that threw the ball at Verdugo was maybe a teenager or a guy in his early twenties. When he was pointed out, he was visibly shaking when escorted out.

Don’t be a piece of trash, then you won’t have to answer the bell like this.


The fan that threw the ball at Verdugo has been banned from all MLB parks for life.

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