Yanmega is a Sneaky Good Pokémon Card


If you are looking for a sneaky good Pokémon card to add to your deck, take a look at the Yanmega 007/185 card.

Yanmega 007/185

Yanmega is a stage 1 one Pokémon evolving only once from Yanma, making a somewhat easy play.

This card has 130 HP and its two attacks do 50 and 130 damage respectively, meaning it can wipe out just about any card provided you have the four energy cards attached to use the Cutting Wind attack.

The U-Turn move is also useful, as it allows you to switch with a benched Pokémon after dealing 50 damage. This can be helpful when you are in a pinch.

The “ogre darner” Pokemon was introduced in the Generation IV games Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS.

Yanmega is a large, dark green dragonfly Pokémon. Its large eyes are red with black lines that make a sideways “T” shape in each one. It has two large, white fangs or mandibles next to its small mouth. Its immense jaw power allows it to bite apart foes while flying by at high speed. Each of Yanmega’s segments has a red spot on them, while the last tail segment has a black triangular plates.

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